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Office Visits

Well Child Visit

This is a routine physical examination. For infants and toddlers visits are roughly every two to three months. Children 3 and older have well child visits annually. These visits consist of comprehensive health care including health screenings for high risk diseases, immunizations, health and nutrition counseling, behavior counseling, preventative medicine and anticipatory guidance. Appointments can be made up to one year in advance.

Sick Visit

This is an appointment for sick children. Appointments can be made the same day.

Emergency Visit

This is an appointment for an immediate visit. Some common emergencies include fractures, lacerations, altered mental status and respiratory distress. Patients will be instructed by our triage staff to come in to the office as soon as possible.


Rechecks are follow-up appointments for a previous diagnosis. Some of the most commons rechecks are scheduled for ear infections, mononucleosis (mono), pneumonia, asthma, burn care, cellulitis and concussions. The time frame for a recheck is determined by the specific provider.

Medication Checks

This type of visit is reserved for children taking specific medications. The most common medications are those for the treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). These visits are made to ensure that the medication is working properly, monitor for adverse reactions, maintain effective dosing and monitor growth and behavior. These appointments are generally every 3 months.

Pre-Operative Visit

This visit is sometimes required by surgeons prior to a child undergoing surgery.  These appointments are usually requested 1 week prior to the operation.

Sports Physical

This visit is required for a child to participate in competitive athletics. This type of visit is scheduled if a child has had a physical within the past calendar year but requires another physical before 365 days have passed. This type of visit is not usually covered by insurance.

Weight Checks

These appointments are made to check a patient’s weight. This visit is often scheduled within two to five days after hospital discharge for breastfeeding newborns. This visit may be necessary to monitor the growth and nutrition of children who may be overweight or underweight for age and height.

Immunization Only Visit

This visit is designed for the sole purpose of vaccinating.  A patient will see a nurse, not a doctor, at this visit.  If you would like to be seen by a doctor, please schedule a regular sick appointment.